Grease traps are a traditional FOGS management solution implemented in commercial kitchens. But many restaurant owners don’t fully understand what they are, how they work, and what alternative or complementary technologies exist to optimise the FOGS management process. 

In theory, standalone grease traps are a great solution. In practice, however, they are not always the right solution for a commercial kitchen.

There are the factors like maintenance, available space, and cleaning to consider. Every kitchen should have a site assessment to determine whether grease traps are the most appropriate FOGS equipment for them – or if an alternative would be better suited.

This comprehensive guide explains the importance of preventing grease from entering the water system, how they work, and how other equipment and approaches compare.

The guide covers:

  • What is a grease trap and how do they work?
  • Do all commercial kitchens need grease traps?
  • The limitations grease traps have
  • Grease trap alternatives that will help prevent your restaurant from costly fines and maintenance
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